Despite its shortcomings, iPhone photographer – or iPhonography – is a rapidly growing pastime

One of the biggest gripes about the iPhone 4 (besides its antenna not working, of course) was the quality of its digital camera. Despite its shortcomings, iPhone photographer or iPhonography is a rapidly growing pastime.

For those iPhonographers who are starting to get a little serious about their craft, gadget manufacturer Photojojo has come up with the perfect accessory an adaptor for your SLR lenses.

Thats right; according to Engadget, the iPhone SLR Mount lets you attach a pricey Canon or Nikon lens to your iPhone tiny, 5-megapixel sensor, allowing photographers to manually focus and create images with a shallow depth of field.

There are, however, a few qualifications. Because SLRs use a mirror, your image will be upside-down in the iPhones viewer. Also, newer digital lenses dont offer any method of changing the aperture, although old-school glass with an aperture ring will. And, the adapter will steal plenty of light, losing about one or two f-stops and obliging users to brighten shots in post.

But, if youre excited about using incredibly-good glass on a sub-par camera, the Photojojo iPhone SLR mount will set you back US$249 plus shipping. We cant say were not curious

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Tips of Using Panasonic Lumix Camera

Everybody have some or the other hobby and people thrive on theirs.
Having a hobby is the most important part of a person’s life and
photography is one of the most common hobbies of people and some have
even have made it up as their life’s profession.

For professional photography a truly professional camera is required in
the market there are many such options available. The most common of
them is the SLR and the DSLRs. But for a beginner there are many
problems which arise when they want to start.

This problem has
been put to end with the introduction of the brand new Panasonic Lumix.
It has already being ranked at the top of the lists of featured cameras.
Panasonic has always given up its best in bringing in the best product
in the market and the brand excels this time too.

The Lumix Camera

The lumix has some really amazing features. Although it is a bit
difficult to cover all those minute details but then there is an attempt
to summarize the details in two major points as sub heads.

The amazing picture quality

The lumix has an amazing picture quality. This is the result of the
highly bright and fast lens which is being used. It rocks up its name
with this quality because any other brand’s camera is not known to have
this great feature.

The amazing performance even in the low light areas is highly
commendable. The field effects are worth a mention because these are
fully unparallel. The pictures are the true definition of the word
perfection. So the long wish skylines can be perfectly clicked with a
second thought and with much more precision.

The anti shake
moments makes this device even more gullible and desirable. The
resolution can be beautifully enhanced with the help of smart resolution
which many cameras are yet to discover. Hence it is the cherry on the
ice cake.

This camera is perfect for taking up the ultimate
zoomed in image, as close as just a centimeter. So the images are free
of noise even with so much zooming in. Hence this is the best of the
best cameras.

Easy adjustability

The easy of handling
makes this device a perfect darling. Be it a long experienced
professional or just a beginner, the lumix is for all. It has multiple
handling options. Imagine a camera whose aperture can be adjusted – hard
to imagine, well then it will be really hard to actually believe that
this very camera makes the dream come true.

So, ample of manual
controls and that too very rare controls make it the apple of the eye
for the people of photography religion. And as far as the brand is
concerned, it can be blindly trusted.