Despite its shortcomings, iPhone photographer – or iPhonography – is a rapidly growing pastime

One of the biggest gripes about the iPhone 4 (besides its antenna not working, of course) was the quality of its digital camera. Despite its shortcomings, iPhone photographer or iPhonography is a rapidly growing pastime.

For those iPhonographers who are starting to get a little serious about their craft, gadget manufacturer Photojojo has come up with the perfect accessory an adaptor for your SLR lenses.

Thats right; according to Engadget, the iPhone SLR Mount lets you attach a pricey Canon or Nikon lens to your iPhone tiny, 5-megapixel sensor, allowing photographers to manually focus and create images with a shallow depth of field.

There are, however, a few qualifications. Because SLRs use a mirror, your image will be upside-down in the iPhones viewer. Also, newer digital lenses dont offer any method of changing the aperture, although old-school glass with an aperture ring will. And, the adapter will steal plenty of light, losing about one or two f-stops and obliging users to brighten shots in post.

But, if youre excited about using incredibly-good glass on a sub-par camera, the Photojojo iPhone SLR mount will set you back US$249 plus shipping. We cant say were not curious

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Dialing International Mobile Phones Abroad

Calling international cellular phones is not a very difficult process. But it can cost you somewhat more if you do not do your research upfront.

International Cell Phone Codes/Prefixes

In most countries throughout the world, cellular phones are assigned exclusive mobile phone codes, also known as prefixes, within a country’s telephone numbering plan.

While area codes are used in some nations around the world, some countries may designate specific number ranges to cell phones that are easily recognized as different from the numbers associated with landlines from that country.

For example, in France where I call a great deal, cell phone numbers have the 06 area code. This means that a phone number starting with the area code 06 is a cellphone and not a landline which starts with 01 – 05 depending which part of France you are phoning.

You want to know if you are phoning a cell phone because typically, cell phone charges are greater than landline charges.

International Cell Phone Cost

Three exceptions to mobile phone versus landline area codes are the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. They run under the North American Numbering Plan that utilizes area codes and so the mobile phone numbers are not easy to tell apart from landline numbers.

Most people don’t realize that calling a cellular telephone is more expensive than calling a landline.

Again as an example, if I call a landline number in France I will pay about 2 cents per minute. If I call a cell phone I can typically pay between 14 cents to 24 cents depending on the phone card I use.

There are two main numbering plans that govern calling international cell phones:

1. plans that do not differentiate between landline and mobile telephone numbers, like the ones in the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

2. plans with different area code/prefixes for cell phone and fixed landline numbers

When you are calling mobile phones using the second option of different area code/prefix from fixed landlines, you the “calling party” pay for the cellular telephone network inside of the destination country you are calling.

That means you have to pay for the connection fee associated with that network. The person receiving your call is not charged on his or her mobile phone. You the caller pays the higher rate.

If you called that same party on their landline, you would pay a lower rate. Of course a lot of people no longer use landlines so you may have no choice but to call a cell phone abroad.

International Calling Cards for Cell Phones

The best way to control costs when calling an international cell phone is to buy a prepaid international calling card.

You want to research your different alternatives for calling card options and check out the costs involved with each card.

Some cards charge monthly maintenance fees and connection fees in addition to their posted rates, while others charge a higher per minute rate with no other fees or taxes.

It all is dependent on your expected call volume and exactly where you will be dialing.

I use three different calling cards depending on where I am calling because I can get very low rates to my call destinations.

It all will depend on on your call profile.

So do your groundwork and uncover the international calling card that can make sense for you.

QSR Technology And Understanding It

QSR technology.

QSR technology is one of the fast growing sectors
within the advertising market, such to recent changes in the US food
labelling market. Understanding QSR technology is essential to realise
how it can help your QSR.

What is QSR technology?

technology comprised of a visual display for the consumers to see what
items are for sale, coupled to a device that holds the advertisements
for the menu items. The larger the better, this makes the image of the
food and the description larger and clearer, tempting you to buy it.

are two types of QSR technology, the first is for indoor use and the
other is for outdoor use, the outdoor QSR technology, is usually an
external kiosk that displays the menu and when you drive up to the menu
it breaks a beam and a member of the counter staff asks you for your
order, you order is taken and then you are directed to pay, after paying
you then collect your chosen food.

The indoor solution is
similar, however it varies in that you are presented with information in
the queue so you have a chance to select the food you want then when
you are at the checkout you give your selection to the counter staff and
then pay, reducing human contact, increasing profits and making the
experience a more pleasurable one, this will result in returning

Deploying QSR technology.

or (Quick Serve Restaurants) are deploying QSR technology so that they
are positioned ahead of their competition, this way the experience is
seen through consumers who experience a faster and more efficient

So what does a normal installation consist of?

the technology can be in a range of different solutions and really
depends on the budget of the restaurant owner. The budget entry QSR
technology uses domestic grade screens in a protective LCD display
enclosure, the enclosure accommodates both the screen and media player
and protects the hardware from grease and grime from within the

The intermediate solution is a digital poster or
digital menu board that has a standalone media player, these are sealed
and designed for indoor use in restaurants, so the hardware inside the
case is protected, the draw back can be updating the media player

The most common solution is the networked digital menu
board, this has a commercial grade screen with a media player that is
updated using an Internet connection, so ideal for single outlets that
offers a range of daily specials or multiple outlets that change content

Technological Advancements In Dentistry Bring Major Benefits

We can witness, in every field, how technology is racing us into the future with advancements that help improve the quality of our lives. People are living longer with more and more options to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi located in Beverly Hills, offers us the opportunity to be serviced through the use of the most progressive advancements and cutting edge technology in the dental field.

Of course the choice, at the end of the day, is ours as to how we avail ourselves of these options. There are many dentists across the country that are still using technology that has been the norm for decades. And then there are those who are constantly reaching for more accurate, more gentle, more effective and longer lasting results for their patients.

Many of us, because of past experiences in the dental chair, relate going to the dentist with pain and discomfort. The traditional drilling method to remove decay utilizes a metal drill. It is the friction of the metal against a tooth that causes extreme heat. The heat in turn causes pain. If that friction is eliminated pain will not be a part of the experience.

There is now available to dentists an array of technological advancements that reduce pain and discomfort. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has incorporated one of these advancements, air abrasion, into his practice. This technology utilizes air pressure instead of a metal drill. A fine stream of powdered aluminum oxide (baking soda) is aimed at the decayed portion of the tooth. It is ejected by pressurized air onto the decay through a tiny wand using just enough air pressure to allow the dentist to remove the surface decay. Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibration. Because there is no pain during this procedure anesthesia is not necessary, eliminating the need to inject the patient with a needle.

Radiation is known to cause cancer in human beings. The US Environmental Protection Agency gives us valuable information on their website. Radiation used in medicine is the largest source of man-made radiation to which people in the US are exposed. The majority of our man-made radiation exposure is from diagnostic x-rays. The more radiation dose a person receives, the greater the chance of developing cancer. It is the chance of cancer occurring, not the severity of cancer, that increases as the radiation dose increases. Radiation induced cancers do not appear until years after the radiation dose is received.

A tremendous advancement in dental diagnostic x-rays occurred with the development of digital x-rays. They expose the patient to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays and have a delivery time of only five seconds from mouth to computer screen. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi utilizes this method because of its safety, speed and accuracy. It gives him more information about a patients teeth and gums making his diagnosis more thorough.

Education is another cornerstone to advancement in this field. Practitioners service their patients more comprehensively when they offer them the opportunity to fully understand their present condition and ultimate goal of their dental program. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi utilizes an intra oral camera as a diagnostic and educational tool. This technology resembles a large pen, which houses a tiny video camera. It is used in tandem with a computer screen so that the patient can view what previously only the doctor could. They can see in real-time a fractured tooth or receding gum line. By seeing and understanding what the problem areas are they can feel more in control of their dental experience and consequently more relaxed.

Whether his Los Angeles Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dental Spa is administering routine general dentistry or creating natural beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has gathered the most cutting edge technology to give his clients the advantages of the advancements in the field of dentistry.

Electronics Gadgets, 13+ Disclaimers And Disclaimer Templates To Keep You Out Of Trouble

Selling electronic gadgets can be a tricky business, because the products tend to be both physically fragile and can be prone to malfunction. One way to protect yourself is by using disclaimers.

Article Ref: S01GDR

Customers could begin returning defective gadgets in large numbers – disclaimers can protect you from being liable for a replacement or refund.

You must also look at packaging and your transit company’s shipping warranties, as deficient products and services in this regard can lead to damaged goods reaching the customer.

Some issues that may require disclaimers include:
* Laws in different countries
* Electronic standards used in different countries,
* Different operational methods
* The difficulty of installation
* Potential health hazards

** A Typical Disclaimer **

Usually labelled as Terms & Conditions, Important Terms, Disclaimers, Warranty and Exchange Information, or something similar. It’s usual to use several disclaimers to cover as many of your requirements as possible:

* Condition of the item being sold. Condition of the packaging.
* Shipment restrictions – which countries will you ship to? Is there a shipping warranty?
* Recommendations for restrictions on the products use – not to be used around pets or by small children, for example.
* Accepted payment methods.
* Availability of refunds, exchanges and warranties.
* Legal restrictions on the products use.

** Disclaimer Examples **

The following are somewhat random examples of disclaimers, all taken from eBay. Obviously, you’ll have to tailor each disclaimer to each product and your own shipping/payment/warranty/restriction needs.

** GSM Cell phones:

Online electronics gadgets sellers often need to add disclaimer notices to their cell phones because not all GSM cell phone network uses the same frequency.

With the traditional 2G and 2.5G networks there were four main frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

Phones that used 900MHz, and 1800MHz bands traditionally worked in most countries (with the exception of the US, North America and US territories) while 850MHz and 1900MHz phones traditionally worked in the US, North America and US territories.

The 3G system has further compounded matters by working on a different frequency and not being compatible with some phones being produced now.

A good disclaimer for GSM cell phones would read as follows:

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz. This cellphone will not work in North America.

** Radar Scanners:

While radar scanners are popular, it is illegal to buy, or use them.

This is largely because their main purpose is to identify speed cameras or police officers to avoid speeding tickets. This essentially explains both its illegality and its popularity.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use and ownership of these devices. You are solely responsible for finding out whether this product is legal to import and/or use in your country. We will send you the products you order and cannot accept any liability for customs issues or any implications of your ownership or usage of this device.

** Ni-Cad Batteries:

Ni-Cad batteries have a memory, as a result they work better and have a longer lifespan if they are charged a certain way when they are first used.

As a result this would be a good disclaimer:

NOTE: Ni-Cad batteries give their best performance if fully un-charged and charged three times after purchase.

** Cell Phone/Wi-Fi/radio signal blockers:

Like radar detectors these items are not exactly legal in all situations. However, this doesn’t stop them being popular to certain people.

This is a suitable disclaimer to use with blockers:

These devices may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. Please check your country’s telecommunications regulations before placing your order.

** Thermometers:

You’re not a health professional. The chances are the people buying these electronic gadgets from you won’t be either.

This won’t stop them blaming you if a loved one became seriously ill if they were ‘misdiagnosed’ because of a reading from a thermometer they brought from you.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Note: This device is meant for personal uses only, please refer to a physician or health professional.

** Breathalyzers:

We all know why people buy breathalyzers. It’s for them to check whether or not they are able to drive home, or whether they will need to catch a cab.

As a result, if they fly too close to the wind and get caught they’re going to try to use YOUR device in their defense.

This is a suitable disclaimer to use in this case:

Note: This is a reference tool only and can not be used as a legal defense.

** GPS Devices:

The type of disclaimers you need on GPS devices depend on the type of devices you are carrying and the level of support you are willing to give to customers.

If you are dealing with GPS receivers for example and are sourcing from a factory which offers GPS ready devices that don’t come with the necessary maps then you will need to let customers know that they will need to supply their own maps.

It is worth noting that very few vendors from China actually supply the genuine GPS map software and it may be worth getting a test order of a GPS receiver sent to yourself to make sure you’re not selling GPS devices with software that is cracked or a sample.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

The unit includes evaluation GPS software only. We recommend purchasing a GPS software package from your home country that best covers your region of the world.

** GPS Trackers

A number of problems can arise from the sale of GPS trackers. If the tracker is small they can be used for nefarious purposes (maliciously keeping track of family members and loved ones for example). A customer may also expect to see GPS software when none is included.

As a result, you may want to include one of the two disclaimers:

This model does not come with any GPS navigation map software

Seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse of this item

**Heart Rate Monitors:

You’re not a health professional. The chances are the people buying these electronic gadgets from you won’t be either.

This won’t stop them blaming you if a loved one became seriously ill if they were ‘misdiagnosed’ because of a reading from a thermometer they brought from you.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Note: This device is meant for personal uses only, please refer to a physician or health professional.

** Car DVD Players:

If you have ever dealt with car stereos (or anything else to do with cars or electronics) you’ll know how complicated they can be.

You’ll also know that the average consumer loves to blame you for their goof-ups.

As a result it may be a good idea to include this disclaimer with any car DVD players you sell

For optimum performance we recommend that you have this car DVD unit installed by a professional.

** Spy Listening Devices:

While spy listening devices may seem cool it is illegal to use them in some locations and courts of law will not allow recordings from them to be used as evidence unless both parties taped have signed release forms.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use and ownership of these devices. You are solely responsible for finding out whether this product is legal to import and/or use in your country. We will send you the products you order and cannot accept any liability for customs issues or any implications of your ownership or usage of this device.

** Fish Finders:

Fish are notoriously difficult to find. Even with a fish finder. As a result you will need to protect yourself in case somebody they complain that they haven’t been able to spot any fish.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Seller takes no responsibility for environmental factors which may inhibit the performance of this device.

** Chargers:

Regardless of whether you are selling a back-up battery or a solar charger there are always issues surrounding the connection type the voltage and the specific capacity of devices it is compatible with.

As a result you will need to list all the relevant details that apply to the charger you are listing and include the following disclaimer:

This charger is only compatible with devices with the specifications listed. Please pay careful attention to the listing.

** Spy Cameras with Audio:

While surveillance cameras are perfectly legal and respected cameras with audio devices are not.

To be used in a court of law both parties taped have signed release forms.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use of recorded audio footage to be used as evidence in legal cases. You are solely responsible for learning and adhering to the standards of your country when using this product.

** Car Electronics:

Depending on the age of electronics used in the car a number of issues may arise.

Most of these issues surround the compatibility between the device you are listing and the car that the potential buyer wants to put them in to.

You may want to include the following disclaimer:

This device is only compatible with devices with the specifications listed. Please pay careful attention to the listing.

As I mentioned, these disclaimers are examples of what they should look like – you may want to write a disclaimer that suits your particular needs as a seller, taking into account the qualities of the product in question and both your location and the location of your customer.

How to Unlock iPhone Cell Phones

When you purchase a cell phone plan but you already have a phone like an iPhone, you need to know how to unlock iPhone cell phones. Cell phone companies lock the phones they sell so that they can only be used on their network. For instance, an iPhone purchased from AT&T when you sign up with them can only be used with an AT&T cell phone plan. After your 2-year agreement is up and you want to switch to another carrier, you can’t use that iPhone without unlocking for use with other carriers.

When you unlock your iPhone, it can then be used with any cell phone carrier that uses SIM cards. Often you can find unlocked cell phones for sale online at places like eBay or other sites where used cell phones are sold. If the cell phone doesn’t clearly say that it’s already been unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it yourself to use it, unless you plan on using the exact same carrier as the original owner.

When you unlock your iPhone, what you’re really doing is changing the programming a little so that you can use another carrier’s SIM card inside it. That’s the card that actually pulls info from the cellular network. The cell carrier you use puts their SIM card inside the phone, which is what makes it work exclusively with their network.

Benefits of Unlocking iPhones

If you plan on traveling out of the US, your locked phone can only be used with its original carrier which could be either impossible, depending on where you go, or incredibly expensive. If you can replace the SIM card with that of a European carrier, you could get better rates and better service on your trip.

And if you decide you want to go with a different cell phone carrier, when you unlock iPhone cell phones you have that option. You may not want to before your contract is up because then you’ll get stuck with early termination fees, but after you’ve fulfilled the terms, often you can get better and cheaper service with another carrier.

If you don’t unlock your iPhone, you’ll have to purchase a new one with the cell plan for a different carrier.

How to Unlock iPhone Cell Phones

To unlock your iPhone, you need to be comfortable downloading apps and running them, as well as following step-by-step instructions. You’ll want to update your iPhone’s firmware first to be sure everything’s in order. Then you’ll need to download one of the programs that lets you hack into your phone and unlock it. There’s software available that costs from $50 to $100 that will help you do this, but you can also try open source, free software like AppTapp, that lets you download 3rd party software. A program called quickpawn is also available to help you do this.

You must follow their directions precisely to unlock your iPhone, and then you’ll be able to use it with any cell carrier’s SIM card, which is money-saving and convenient.

China To Surpass Us In Terms Of Consumer Electronics Sales By 2014

The global consumer electronics market is home to many consumer electronics countries, which have been successful in establishing themselves as consumer electronics giants. According to our new report, Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015, China is expected to become a leader in the global consumer electronics market, with its sales surpassing that of US by 2014. China is expected to dominate the market in the coming years on account of various factors supporting its growth.

The flourishing Chinese consumer electronics market has been backed by favorable demand, rapid technological development, and strong government support. The government has supported the market by spreading awareness about energy conservation and providing subsidies to the manufacturers to foster production of energy-efficient products. Further, the report also revealed that the shrinking urban and rural divide with the improvements in the per capita income of people coupled with changes in preferences of the people have led to a booming market for tablets and smartphones in the country. It has also identified the key players in Chinese market that have made significant contribution to the consumer electronics market. Moreover, the Chinese consumer electronics market has been forecast till 2015 to present a brief overview of the market performance in the future.

The report, Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015, also provides a detailed insight on the consumer electronics market for other major countries. Further, the performance of various products along with their respective segments has been presented in the report in order to give a clear picture of the products which would drive the market growth in future. It also discusses about the major challenges and trends that would affect the global consumer electronics market, with a focus on major players on a global platform.

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